Premium Brands and Premium Service


We only offer premium brands, and in addition to the premium conditions that our manufacturers provide for their products we just take that extra step. You will receive additional guarantee provided by Hercules Supplies B.V. 


- Longer guarantee than provided

  by the manufacturer

- Services are provided by our own


- If you buy any type of equipment

  this comes with an additional

  training.  So your investment can 

  be used to the optimal

  performance and satisfaction


We provide pipeline education for the following jobs ;


- Pipe fitter AG/BG

- Driving skills paywelder

- Driving skills side boom

- Bending Master

- Cold Cutting

- Flame Cutting


and more!


We take on repair jobs for all brands we are selling in our pipeline equipment repair center.


We have all equipment needed, and in many cases we have the most worndown parts in stock. This guarantees a quick and smooth repair! Without any delays, also in many cases we can provide a loan machine if needed. 

TAG Pipe Bevelling machines

TAG pipe cold cutting machines

TAG pipe flame cutting machines

TAG pipe alignment clamps

TAG pipe stands and rollers

TAG purge equipment

TAG Pipe stoppers

TAG pipe layout and marking tools

TAG tungsten grinders

TAG plate bevelling machines


Hercules Red Master clamp

The Hercules Red Master Clamp™ is a revolutionary internal hydraulic line up clamp for the smaller pipe ranges for on and offshore applications. The clamp combines pneumatic with hydraulic force which generates excellent capacities for heavy wall thickness pipes.

Hercules red spider clamp

The Hercules Red Spider™ is a compact hydraulic internal line up clamp designed for piping and pipeline applications. Due the modifable height of the expanders the Red Spider™ is able to clamp multiple pipe diameters using only one clamp!

Hercules red ram clamp

The Red Ram Clamp™ is a revolutionary internal line up clamp specially designed for the construction of large bore diameter pipelines. The hydraulic force of the clamp aligns and eliminates Hi-Lo in high strength steel pipes for a perfect setup that is required for todays automatic welding systems.

We are a specialised team with a combined experience of more then 50 years of Tubing, Piping and Pipeline. We have fully dedicated our company to Tubing, Piping and Pipeline professionals.


We have seen that there is a big shortage of specialized supplies, instruction and education. 


We do not only supply equipment directly to the end users, we also have a fabrication yard where we engineer and build equipment used by Tubing, Piping and Pipeline specialist. Next to this we have selected the best brands available in the industry to provide a one stop shop solution. The difference between us and others is that we are 100% dedicated to Tubing, Piping and Pipeline clients.

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