Our team is running since 1975 and we are dedicated to keeping your project running smooth and on schedule. We can support with rental of manned equipment or look for an specific solution to your problem.

Hercules also provides Field service support of our superintendent.

Hercules has high safety standards. We rent well maintained equipment and want to make sure the customer is well instructed about the use.

We conduct all of our services in a way that endorse safe working practices to avoid undue risk to our clients, employees & the environment and make sure the project is running smooth and on schedule.

Hercules wants to be your reliable partner, providing complete support and superior equipment. With our experience & specialism and our passion for pipe solutions we are able to achieve the intended results while maintaining the highest reputation of expertise, performance and safety.


We are committed to offer our clients top quality, superior equipment.

If you are looking for an specific solution or wanting an modification to your existing tool we provide the most fit solution to the piping problem. 

From pipe jack stands to our hydraulic internal line up clamps, we are your reliable partner for every project and every situation.


All equipment in our rental fleet is also available for purchase.


Our pricing is clear and transparant, please contact us for our price list. We are looking forward to quote your next project!


Hercules is specialized in tubing, piping and pipeline equipment. 

We want to provide our clients optimal client service.


Hercules has different divisions. Every division has their own specialties and together makes a unique team of professionals who put their harts into every project.


We will be servicing you for the following companies:

- Hercules Supplies B.V.

- Hercules Services B.V. 

- Hercules Piping Tools Engineering B.V. 

- Hercules Rental B.V. 

Hercules Supplies B.V.

is your trustworthy supplier and suits your  equipment needs.

Hercules Services B.V.

is your partner for rental of equipment, repair of equipment and field services & support.

Hercules Piping Tools Engineering B.V.

is a specialized line up clamp equipment supplier for on- and offshore piping and pipeline applications.

Hercules Rental B.V.

is your partner for rental in specialized line up clamp equipment for on- and offshore piping and pipeline applications.


We are a member of FBNed. FBNed is the inspiring network for family businesses and enterprising families.

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Head Office


Hercules Supplies B.V.  / Hercules Services B.V.

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8218 NH, Lelystad

The Netherlands


Telephone : +31(0)320-762610

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Office, Logistics, Repair and Training Center


Hercules Supplies B.V. / Hercules Services B.V. 

Pascalbaan 1

3439 MP, Nieuwegein

The Netherlands


Telephone : +31(0)320-762610

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